A little about me & The Feel Good Collective

First of all a little intro into who I am and then I will go through the purpose of why I set up The Feel Good Collective.


My name is Tara and first and foremost I am a mom of 3 gorgeous boys 15, 9 and 4 yrs. I live in Tipperary and I work from home. I decided to set up the Feel Good Collective for a few reasons. First of all I was working in a stressful environment and I could see the effects it was having on my home life. Having 3 boys on your own after a long day at work was starting to take away any good quality time we had at home.

The why behind The Feel Good Collective?

Owner Tara Moriarty

From a very young age I was exposed to high anxiety in the home and it was a daily struggle to keep up with the heightened rush of adrenaline and try to come across as being "Okay" all the time.

​I remember from a young age feeling like I didn't want to be someone that suffered mental health problems as a result of my home situation, so I used to think of things every day that would take me away from it, even for 5 minutes.

​I used to have a friend and each day we would think of the most random things to do, like make perfume from my mothers rose petals or laugh at the models in magazines. Just silly things, but they made the world of difference to my day. It was the small things that took me away from the angst for even a few minutes.

​As I got older I started to see the reality of mental health and how it affected people in my home and the effect it had on others. I wanted to understand it so I could make sense of the reality I was living in. I learnt very quickly that manifesting negative thoughts had a huge effect on someone that was suffering. 

At the age of 12 I decided that I would become independent of the lifestyle at home and I would look after myself. I made a very conscious decision that I was not going to be the adult that suffered for a lifetime because of my childhood. This decision in itself brought big emotional strain on me, but I started working, attending acting classes and became more social. I paid for my schooling and worked everyday after school. I kept busy.

Roll on to where I am now, (because honestly no one needs to hear the in betweens) and between living with anxiety of all different types and forms, I have learnt so much about it. I have seen the end of the road and back again and I can honestly say that it is a huge effort to overcome anxiety that has been bred into you from a young age, but you can do it.

​Small steps lead to habits of a lifetime. I've learnt that if you can't leave the house out of sheer paranoia and panic, then someone telling you to join a gym is just insane. It sounds brilliant, but you won't be able...just yet anyway.

​If you are in a situation that you can't leave the house, you sit in your PJ's all day and think you amount to nothing, then please do one thing. Tomorrow I want you to put on your shoes with your Pj's. Then the next day put on a comfy tracksuit..... and so on. Honestly by the end of the week you'll be dressed and you'll want to leave the house.

I hope you enjoy my website and find the products helpful in assisting you to take small steps to being who you really are.

Tara Moriarty

Founder The Feel Good Collective