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Hypnotherapy and what it's all about with Pamela Walsh

The lovely Tara from The Feel Good Company Ireland kindly asked me to add some

information on Hypnotherapy for her blog. A lot of peoples idea of Hypnosis is what

they have seen on TV and in the movies but nothing could be further from the truth.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy have in fact two different meanings. Hypnosis is

defined as a state of mind, while hypnotherapy is the name of the therapeutic

modality in which hypnosis is used to treat a variety of behaviors, conditions,

stress/anxiety and pain management. In Hypnotherapy your Hypnotherapist will

teach you how to deeply relax and once you are fully relaxed it induces a state of

intense concentration or focused attention opening up your subconscious mind

which is a natural state you go into every day like daydreaming. Daydreaming is very

similar to the trance like state described in Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a tool used by suggestions designed to reprogram your mind to

achieve your therapeutic goal. Some describe it as meditation with a purpose and is

a solution focused therapy. In hypnosis you are more open to these suggestions

than you are in your normal conscious brain wave state. Some people may wonder if

hypnosis is just a placebo effect but studies have shown that two areas of the brain

that are responsible for processing and controlling what’s going on in your body

show greater activity during Hypnosis and this unique reaction in the brain is

stronger than the placebo effect. Hypnotherapy very rarely causes side effects but I

would always advise to get Hypnotherapy treatment from a trained Hypnotherapist. I

am a member of the E.A.P.H (European Association of Professional


Some myths to be aware of is that you are not in control when you undergo

Hypnotherapy. This is not true, in fact you are absolutely in control and would never

disclose anything or do anything against your will. Hypnotherapy is a genuine

therapeutic tool and it can be used as a complimentary treatment for several

conditions. Research studies have shown Hypnotherapy to have a high success rate

with less sessions than other therapies.

"Thank you to Pamela for sharing this with us all. I have been doing Hypnotherapy with Pamela for a long time, even through Covid by Zoom and I cannot tell you how good she is at what she does. Pop over to her website for a look at https://calmhypnotherapy.ie/

You can also find Pamela on Instagram by clicking here.

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