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Journaling to achieve your goals.

Often we think of journaling as a tool to only help us with worries and relieving stress but I have always found it a very effective tool for achieving your goals.

I will keep this simple and to the point.

This is how I do it:

  1. On the top of the page write your goal down.

  2. Use words like "I will" rather than "I would like to"

  3. For this part use the blank page on the Feel Good & Let it Go! journal and list every single thing you would need to do to achieve this goal.

  4. Next I want you to unscramble the list and put them under your goal in order of how they would need to be done. For example: If you wanted to buy a house start with looking through your bank account and cancelling all subscriptions you don't use. Then look at ways to improve your saving by cutting unneeded expenses, then book an appointment with a mortgage advisor etc.

  5. Tear this one page out and attach it to your vision board or anywhere that you will see it every day, even your fridge.

  6. Each day or week look at completing one of the tasks.

You mightn't think it but you are now much closer to your goal than you ever were.

Let me know how you get on!

Tara x

This is the journal I use. It is wire bound so you can tear out pages without any mess. Also if you feel like your head is muddled before doing your list then try writing a page out first on how you are feeling.

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