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Managing Anxiety & Me!- Counselling

Welcome to my blog and my first post. Now as a disclaimer, please note that my grammar is not 100% and I love punctuation marks. So if it offends, then I am truly sorry but this is how I write and it is the easiest way for me to talk openly.

So anxiety. I talk a lot about anxiety and stress on my social media and often I get messages asking if I am okay (which I am truly grateful for). Anxiety, while uncomfortable isn't the big monster for me that it used to be. I am definitely someone who does have anxiety at times. It is mainly circumstantial and there are times that I wake up and just feel like that and that's okay to.

The difference with me now as to maybe a few years ago is that I manage it and I know my triggers very well. One thing that has been a life changer for me is knowing what my triggers are, but to also take action in controlling how these triggers are in my life and the effect they have on me.

I would absolutely think that identifying my triggers and in turn managing my reactions has helped me to be more of a rational thinker. I now would stop myself in situations where I feel like I am overthinking and I would do things to bring my thoughts back and try and put more logic into the situation.

I completely understand that feeling anxious everyday can be very frustration and for some it can be paralyzing , but through my experience, you really do need to take action no matter how scary that may seem in order to get rid of or control that monster that is anxiety.

Counselling will and always should be your first step in finding help. If I could give any tips in this regard it would be to make sure you are comfortable and feel good talking to your counsellor. This way you will feel better after leaving and you can talk more openly.

Commit to attending each week until you feel a lot better. Even if this means sacrificing finances, it will be worth it for the sake of a few months even so that you can feel better each day. Mental health issues can have an effect on everyone around you to so keep in mind the bigger picture.

Be completely honest. Hiding your feelings because you might feel embarrassed will not only prolong your anxiety but it also makes it more difficult for you counsellor to help you. Remember they are professionals that meet lots of people each week and your thoughts are probably similar to 80% of their clients.

Be kind to yourself afterwards. Yes, counselling is brilliant but it can leave you mentally exhausted especially if you have brought up very difficult topics so make sure after your sessions that you have time to yourself to relax and take it all in and reflect.

Keep a journal. Often we forget the week that just left us and when we attend counselling our issues can seem vague. You might forget about last wednesday but that type of hard day could come again the week after so it is could to write down each day how you are feeling so you can understand yourself how you are really feeling and then you can relay it better to your counsellor.

Lastly, anxiety will tell you all of the time that it's to scary to get help. In reality it's not and the benefits are so huge that you will always thank yourself that you went and continued to help yourself.

Tara x

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