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My top tips to relax in any situation.

So, yesterday I asked my followers on Instagram what they would like me to share and the most asked for topic was relaxation tips.

My tips for relaxing might seem very bland to some, but they are effective and work for me and many others.

The first thing that I will always do when struggling to relax is to figure out what the reason is behind my stress or tension. If you do not do this then you can try every single tip and trick, it won't work and then you will end up worse off than when you began.

So what do I do?

1. I Journal

Journaling has been my go to since I was very young and it is something I am adamant that should be introduced to children and especially teens early on to recognize the feelings you have and then take the necessary steps to manage them if they are destructive in any way.

I feel, because it is so simple, that people take it for granted. We are obsessed with over complication, so much so that we ignore the very easy, manageable things we can do to help ourselves. Once I have written down my problems or what is on my mind I will then know what my body and mind needs afterwards.

2. I Walk

If, after journaling I still feel uneasy or stressed, or if what I wrote bothered me and brought up more confusion or upset I will go for a walk, plug in my headphones, listen to music or a podcast and zone out. This way I am getting fresh air, exercising so I will naturally feel better and I am giving my mind a break. I find that listening to something that interests me takes me away from over thinking and my mind can truly relax and energize.

3. Meditation for beginners

Like, most other techniques to relax we have honestly over complicated meditation. Let me tell you how I meditate. I generally lie on my couch, or if my body needs a good stretch, especially if tired, I lie on my sitting room floor. I make sure my room is warn and if I need comfort I will throw a light blanket over me.

I will look up on YouTube, a guided meditation that suits me. For example "Guided meditation for anxiety" "Guided meditation for focus".

Meditation is a technique that, once you make it a habit you will soon find that it calms your thoughts and gives your mind a break and can be done in 5 minutes. Imagine 5 minutes to feel calm again?

4. Reading

The most valuable aspect of reading is that you have no distractions. Your book isn't going to constantly bombard you with notifications and calls. You can read for 5 minutes or even 30 minutes a day and I can guarantee you will feel uplifted and relaxed. I always read books that encourage me to learn. That way my focus is on what I am reading, and like all of the above, it distracts me from overthinking, leaving way for clarity.

Stress for me has always been a sign to stop. If I am struggling to relax then I stop and look and what my body and mind needs. Everyone is different, but for me, if I allow stress to take over and continue, then my body reacts in ways that are very uncomfortable. In the past I have had serious menstrual issues, sores in my mouth, bad skin, excessive tiredness that led to my body being run down and open to long periods of sickness and long recoveries form sinus, chest, throat infections. Please look after this area of relaxation and make it a daily habit. Watch how your mood will change and in turn recurring illnesses that will no longer be as disruptive.

Products that I use to help me relax are:

1. Feel Good & Let it Go!

I designed this journal to be specific to writing down your worries and anxieties, and in turn, see how it improves your mood.

2. Sleep Balm

You can use this balm anytime during the day as the essential oils will soothe and calm you. I rub a small amount on my wrist and inhale. Particularly if I am stressed I will massage it onto my temples in slow motions.

3. Lavender Eye Pillow

Use this pillow either on your forehead if you feel tension in that area or over your eyes. It again is not specific to sleep. You can use this at anytime that you feel like your head is ready to burst as they say or if you are feeling overwhelmed. For extra comfort rest the pillow on a hot radiator for a few minutes before using.

If you have any other easy, effective tips that you use to relax, please comment below. Your feedback is always welcome.

Tara x


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