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Power Hour

For years I've watched YouTube videos, read books and listened to podcasts and I've heard that mornings were the key to starting you're day off on the right track and that creating good habits in the morning can lead to really productive and relaxed days. Yet I never took enough attention and all the while mornings were a nightmare for me.

The rushing to get lunches packed, children fed, cleaned and ready for school. The complete overwhelm afterward of what I needed to get done that day. How on earth was I going to then clean a home, build my business, promote my business, prepare for the school finish time when my house was yet again filled with chaos of dinners, homework, cleaning, bedtimes etc. This list is bigger but you get me!

Also, there was that overwhelm of " I'm doing this on my own" regardless of how long I have being doing it alone you still feel like it's overhanging. Unfortunately this overwhelm in the mornings would lead to me procrastinating, and then the disappointment of not getting things done that I knew I was capable of doing but the thoughts of it were to much.

So I broke it down and that's when I started creating a habit of having a power hour each morning. The key, I found was to practice each day and then you'll tweak it to suit you.

So here's the starting point: ( I'm going to use my routine as an example)

1. Power Hour is to eliminate overwhelm so this is where you begin. Write down elements of your day that bother you most days or everyday. This list will be your starting point and please write down even the things you think are minor. For me the morning rush had to change because in effect it was effecting not only me, but also my children. We forget that they to are starting a full day of work essentially so they also should have a relaxed start.

2. Your environment. Each morning after the morning school rush, I would have a cuppa and plant myself on the couch and say that I was going to relax for 15 mins. That fifteen minutes turned into an hour of aimlessly scrolling on Instagram and I would later convince myself it was work. So I changed my starting environment. Now I have my cuppa in the kitchen at the table with my productive af pad in front of me ready to start my list.

3. Write out a list of everything that could be done now rather than later and items that will save you overhwhelm today, tonight or tomorrow. For me , I started with making dinners for that evening, getting key household things done like clothes washing and drying and turn the dishwasher on. If I needed to get a walk in or do up a presentation that would take 30 mins or more then this goes on my list because otherwise as they day goes on you won't find time to do them and they will only cause more anxiety tomorrow.

4. Do the things that you would rather not do, but have to. There is nothing worse for me then walking around with a long list of "To Do's" in my head all day. Start your day by biting the bullet and just getting shit done. I swear these achievements of doing things you don't want to do, will push your forward for the whole day and free up your mind to think of doing more fun things.

5. If you don't get your list done each day, then so what?, carry it over. There is no point doing this exercise each day if you are going to beat yourself up over not getting the full list done. Remember you are only human and you're not a robot. It's impossible to get everything done. Applaud yourself for what you have done and then just add the items you couldn't do, onto tomorrows list. The great thing about this is you'll also have a head start on your list for the next day to. Winning!

This is your starting point and as you do this everyday you'll find that your Power Hour will end up being a Power Day. You can also do this whether you have kids or not or even if you don't work. We ALL have things we put of, but really want to do. We ALL get overwhelmed regardless of how busy we are. It's life and your human .

Here are a few tools that you can use to help with your Power Hour to make it more effective: Use the code POWERHOUR10 to get 10% off to help you get started.


https://www.thefeelgoodcompany.ie/product-page/productive-af (This is the pad I use each day)




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