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Reflecting on 2019

Stories on Instagram never really transfer enough so I wanted to write a blog post on the year just gone.

While people close to me might think this year just gone was very hard for me, I found it one of the best in a long time. Saying no is never easy but I did it and I'm proud. I now have peace and can grow without distraction.

I've learnt a lot about myself and especially what I love and in particular what I don't. I've spent a lot of time on myself seeing what my comforts are and making sure I implemented them everyday.

Habits have been huge for me in 2019. Learning how best to make them suit me, my lifestyle, work and family. Doing this has taken away a huge amount of overwhelm. Atomic Habits (which will be back in stock soon) was a game changer for me. In January I'll dive more into this book and share some incredible tips with you all.

One element that won't be coming into 2020 with me is social media pressure. I definately did not like that last year and honestly I had sleepless nights over it. Questioning whether I was doing enough or doing it right. Losing followers, growing followers, creating insta life pictures and just the whole competitive side of social media. It bothered me far more than I imagined.

So, this year coming. Basically I want to go back to the start. Back to basics and really help people with using the products I sell. I'm passionate about selling products that I have used and loved. That have made an impact on me and I want others to gain the benefits to.

My website will have a list of qualified coaches in health, nutrition, life, business and therapists and Counsellors qualified in every area. I want you all to invest in your wellbeing and mental health this year. More importantly I really want to make it normal because it should be. Counselling is still a big issue for most and far to overcomplicated. I want people to book a session as if its a nail, Brow appointment or gym session. It's as and more important.

For me I'm stripping back my day to day so I do more of what I love and less of what I think I should be doing. More Journalling, meditation, health focus and calm.

Lastly, it was an amazing year. Thank you all for joining in with me and you'll never know how important your support was to me.

Tara xx

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