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Self Care & Me! - The Beginning

Since I started The Feel Good Collective in July 2018, self care seems to the one subject that followers find difficult to grasp.

I won't lie, when it was said to me 4 years ago, by my counselor, I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and how I would work on that area of my life. Before this session I had only associated self care with spa days and weekends away. The reality of self care was completely different.

Firstly, I think Mindfulness & Self Care go hand in hand in a lot of areas. Self care is in my opinion the art of looking after yourself in all aspects of your well being.

So, in this blog post I am going to go through some of the starter steps that I took when I began my journey with self care, and the benefits it gave to my life.

Step 1 for me: Literally was taking steps. My counselor asked me to walk each day for 5 minutes on my own. Sounds easy? It does unless you are lethargic from depression or anxiety, then this can be a challenge. My advise if you find yourself staying at home in your lounge wear and slippers a lot is to take off the slippers tomorrow and put on your runners. Even if you don't leave the house, start with this. Next day, wear a tracksuit and runners. Even if you still don't leave the house it's okay. I bet you'll start coming around to the idea. Taking these small steps, getting dressed each day, going for a 5 minute walk resulted in me walking each day, then running (which I never dreamed I could do) and losing 2.5 stone and more importantly feeling great.

Step 2 for me: Each session that I attended my counselor used to have a tube of Clarins hand cream on her desk. As we spoke she would occasionally use it. She asked me one day what I would typically buy each week. When I told her, it became apparent that I never ever bought myself anything unless it was a necessity. She asked me to buy a luxury shower gel. I thought she was mad, but to be honest it was gorgeous and felt like a real treat and something I used every day. This was her way of slowly introducing self worth and self are into my daily routine.

As the weeks went on I started to enter my counselling sessions with a bit more confidence and honestly I smiled more. I began to really think about what way I wanted my life to be and I started to look at the areas that I wanted to change. This was the first time that I started to be pro-active about the changes I wanted for me. This are very small changes but they are the beginning of creating habits.

Let me know if you take these steps and how you begin to start introducing self care into your daily routine.

Tara x

The counselor that I attended can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/survivelife.expert/?ref=br_rs

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