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Who am I?

In order to write this I can't start without sharing what changed so much for me and that is Oprahs Youtube Video "5 minutes for the next 50 years of your life". If you are feeling lost, then please watch it. I can easily say I will never forget it and I will always have goosebumps listening to it.

I'm writing this as an introduction to who is behind The Feel Good Co.

Knowing who I really am has been such a catalyst for me so I want to show you how I see who I am and you might get to know me better.

This is all off the cuff. I don't plan what I write and treat it as if I'm talking to friends not followers...much like when I journal. I don't think to much about what I'm writing, I just wrote how I feel.

So, I am Tara. I've been lucky enough to have gotten to 37 years of age. Getting older used to scare me. I used to worry about the things I wouldn't be able to do some day but now I look forward to doing them now rather than later regretting what I should of done. I'm using growing older as an excuse to not say I'll do it next year and so on.

I live with my three sons and our cat Lucy. I am single and honestly I really enjoy it. I love the freedom it gives me and from past experiences I am adamant to find the person that I really want that ticks all the boxes for me, I have to be ready, and I'm not yet.

I find parenting very difficult sometimes, particularly co-parenting. It can feel very one sided and unjust and I also think that there is very little acknowledgement for parents in this situation. I am solely responsible for 3 other human beings and myself 24 hrs a day and I'm going to be honest, it's exhausting when you have additional things going on between parents. So basically I find the Irish system here very frustrating. ( I have three children with three different fathers so I am not talking about them all and yes I am Jeremy Kyles ideal guest haha)

I am a great friend to have and I will always be my friends biggest supporters. I value quality friendship and with age I have learnt that red flags are signs and I don't hang around to find out what they are. The people I love in my life make me laugh each time I talk to them, we have giddy moments where everything is funny, I trust their words and I hurt when they hurt. Anyone outside of that are acquaintances and I am very strict with myself on this one.

I adore watching my children learn and grow. I think it is so rewarding as a parent and the most gorgeous feeling when you have so much pride for them. I could write another blog post on how incredibly happy seeing my kids grow makes me. The new things they learn and do. I won't lie I've also often lost my voice from giving out to.

I'm love random acts of kindness that no one ever knows about. I call it collecting good karma points. Each week I do something kind for someone or I'll donate to a charity whether it is a few euro or food I'm not using to a homeless charity. I've done it for years and I never tell anyone what I've given or done for someone.

I work hard. When I was younger I promised myself a different life that what I grew up in and that has been my motivation, never money or popularity. My motivation each day is doing more of what makes me happy and my businesses are a part of that. I decided long ago that what I focused my mind on everyday in a work setting was so important to my health and well-being and I can honestly say that doing what I love has made me healthier and happier.

I'm not an empath. Sounds harsh but I used to be the biggest empath and honestly it took so much of my life away worrying for others. I am completely empathetic to others situations but now I will only help if it feels right to me. That applies to everyone in my life. In saying that my close friends and family know I am always here for them. In the past I would of felt for everyone and unfortunately it led to a lot of people taking advantage. So I learnt a few very valuable lessons in counselling and one of them was to say no more often.

I live my life from truth, hence why I am such an honest person. I don't ever see it as a negative trait . I see it as a strength because I always stand by it. When I was younger I used to make up these lies to make people believe that my life was different and now I have made my life what it is so I'm never ashamed of my past nor my present.

I have zero mass in money only to pay bills and have food. I know, I need to change this mindset! I just cant. If you seen my resume of working experience I really should be in a large house somewhere in the country, no mortgage and living a life of luxury, but honestly that appeal hasn't resonated with me yet in my 37 years and I don't know if it ever will.

I get anxious sometimes and stressed. I'm human and even though I own a business selling products to help with these issues, I to still have triggers that catch my breath for days. I'm always honest about it and I'm very self aware so I use what works for me always, like journaling and walking.

I adore daydreaming. I can honestly say I have daydreams that have come true. I'll let you all figure that one out.

Lastly, I am me and behind all the insecurities I have sometimes, the anxious moments or days or the frustrations, I'm very happy and content being me. I don't look at others and wish I was them or have what they have. If anything I applaud others and if I want something I know I have to work for it. ( I am a very logical, black and white person)

I hope you enjoyed learning who I really am and aren't missing the "My Name is and I have 3 kids and I love walks and reading books etc." introduction.

Tara xx

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