Flu Spray

Flu Spray

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As flu viruses can be airborne, protect yourself naturally with our NEW Aromatherapy Flu Room Spray. Each spray is formulated with 5 potent essential oils, namely eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, thyme and clove. Scientific studies has proven that aromatherapy certain aromatherapy essential oils can kill airborne flu viruses within 10 minutes (see our latest blog for more studies and information: https://www.mindfulbeauty.eu/blog/coronavirus-cov19-how-to-use-virucidal-aromatherapy-essential-oils-to-stop-infections.)

Spray this in the air or as a protective mist around you. It can also be used on surfaces. Or mix it with water and use in an electric diffuser. Plus, they leave a nice, clean, energising scent.

VERY IMPORTANT: Not to be used in lieu of proper personal hygienic practices such as hand washing. Not recommended for asthmatics or those who are pregnant.

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