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Is it time to get back in the driver seat of your own life? Are you looking for direction, focus and clarity?

Your Life Compass is your ultimate goal setting companion for 2020!

Proudly built in Ireland by me, Tara Rafter, The Navigation Coach, ICF Ireland Life Coach of the year.

Through my extensive training and my vast coaching experience I began to notice patterns in those who succeed, I analyzed all these patterns and set about building a tool that would be the perfect daily companion in your path to greatness.

My Life Compass contains:


⚓️432 pages

⚓️Page a day spread for 2020

⚓️2020 at a glance and key dates

⚓️Detailed “How to use” pages to help you get the most from your compass

⚓️Motivation pages – Remind yourself of your strengths and values

⚓️My Happy – jigsaw breakdown of the elements that are at play when you are at your best

⚓️ 2020 goal setting page

⚓️Month by month goal breakdown pages

⚓️More of this and less of this page

⚓️Power page

⚓️Weekly Sunday reflect, realign, refocus and get organized page.

⚓️Quarterly check ins

⚓️2019 reflection

⚓️Daily personal check in’s

⚓️Daily habit trackers

⚓️Daily gratitude log

⚓️Daily sleep intention

⚓️Daily success list

⚓️Deadly quotes

⚓️Monthly personal development book recommendations

⚓️Month at a glance – space to track key appointments, birthdays, goals, personal connections, books/audiobooks

⚓️Space for notes

Our outcomes and results in life are determined by our daily habits. By establishing your desired state and instilling a productive, consistent daily routine you will lay a solid foundation to help navigate you toward success. 

When you consistently use your Life Compass you will move from dreaming to achieving and from thinking about it to actually doing something about it!! It’s time to take the power back! 

My Life Compass 2020 by Tara Rafter